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Dr. Heather Montrose finds herself in the heart of Africa, looking for a mysterious hidden city, thought to have only existed in the demented mind of a 18th century poet.

Hetherdale is a point-and-click adventure in which you guide Heather Montrose, an aspiring scholar who receives a telegram from an esteemed professor who claims to have found, deep in Africa, proof of a legendary city... a legendary city everyone believed to be the concoction of an 18th century poet and madman.

Use your mouse to play the game and interact with the environment. Click on an area and Heather will walk to it, and click on an object with a text pop-up when you move your cursor over it and Heather will interact with it.

It …

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…ems in your inventory can be examined by clicking on the item, then on the magnifying glass icon, or simply by clicking one item on another to combine whenever possible.

Shortly after you begin, you'll also acquire a map that allows you to instantly hop to any location you've previously visited. Handy, since Heather's walking speed is fairly slow. Faster, woman!

There's adventure afoot! Don't forget to save frequently by opening the menu and choosing the option.
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Hetherdale - Strategy Game

Devise a cunning strategy to wipe out your opponents or use your powers for good by building farm or safari empire. Playing strategy games requires quick thinking or excellent judgement to win the battle.
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Mouse controlled,
Point and click adventure.


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