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Chimaera Stones

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Chimaera Stones
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You find yourself travelling through the Barony of Berg on your way to a tournament being held by the Baron himself. After a long days journey, you seek shelter and rest at Woodlodge, a hostelry in the middle of a forest.

When you awake next day you find the whole building in a state of uproar. It seems there has been a sudden plague of enormous, aggressive rats...

Arndt, the Landlord, is worried that the animals will drive away his guests and needs your help. Does the rat plague have anything to do with the ancient mound to which he sends you?

Your mission in this online RPG (Role Playing Game) game is to create a three man Group of heroes to discover the secret behind an ancient artefact, hidden s …

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…ince the Wars of Magic.

Fight different foes including wild animals, grim faced robbers, creatures of darkness, and more.

Develop your characters skills and traits and there are seven sorts of weapon and over thirty different magic spells and many skills to learn.

Take part in another quest in the realm of Avael.
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Chimaera Stones - Strategy Game

Devise a cunning strategy to wipe out your opponents or use your powers for good by building farm or safari empire. Playing strategy games requires quick thinking or excellent judgement to win the battle.
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Mouse controlled.


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