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Skool Daze

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Skool Daze
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Remember this great game which gives you the chanse to relive your school days? There are some games from the past that have past the test of time and some that haven’t. Luckily, Skooldaze is one of those games that has, largely due to the fact that you get the chance to relive your own school days but without the worry of having to get good grades.

The first great thing about this game was you could rename each of the main school kids to your own name and friends, but even better was the chance to rename each of the teachers. However, if you didn’t rename the characters then you played the part of Eric, the hero. It seems that you have done exceptional bad at your subjects that year and if your parents got to see your repo …

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…rt, then you would be in serious trouble!

So, the main object of Skooldaze was to steel your own school report from a safe which was being held in the headmaster’s room. The headmaster was Mr Whacker and could be easily spotted as he walked around with a rather menacing looking cane. If he or any of the teachers caught you doing anything strange like sitting on the floor or jumping like a Kangeroo then you would get given lines, exceed 10,000 and you would get expelled.

Your first task was to go around the school and hit all of the shields which were placed in room and corridors. Some were easy to reach with a well timed jump and some required knocking a teacher over first with a pea shooter and then deflect the pea off the teachers head, providing you could find the pea-shooter first of course.

Once you managed to get all the shields, which was no mean feat by the way, then when hitting some of the key teachers over, each one would reveal one part of the combination to the safe. Well, this was as far as I ever got but never actually opened the safe, something for a rainy day maybe.
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Skool Daze - Spectrum Game

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