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Super Mario World

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Super Mario World
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Mario's off on his biggest adventure ever, and this time he's brought along a friend. Yoshi the dinosaur teams up with Mario to battle Bowser, who has kidnapped Princess Toadstool once again. Guide Mario and Yoshi through nine peril-filled worlds to the final showdown in Bowser's castle. Use Mario's new powers and Yoshi's voracious monster-gobbling appetite as you explore 96 levels filled with dangerous new monsters and traps. Climb mountains and cross rivers, and descend into subterranean depths. Destroy the seven Koopa castles and find keys to gain entrance to hidden levels. Discover more warps and thrilling bonus worlds than ever before!

The gameplay expands upon Super Mario Bros. 3's excellent execution of the ever popular …

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… genre, and became the most prominent game released during the console's launch window. Super Mario World is a sidescrolling platformer that takes heroes Mario and Luigi through various environments and obstacles. Perhaps Super Mario World's biggest bang was the introduction of Yoshi, who would later go on to star in his own series of video games such as Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Safari. Yoshi was the Mario Bros.' steed and was capable of eating nearly every enemy and fruit using his elongated tongue. He also gave them one extra bit of life and possessed special abilities that could only be triggered by swallowing a specific Koopa shell.
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Super Mario World - SNES Game

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SNES controls


D-Pad – Arrow Keys
A button – X
B button – Z
X button – S
Y button – A
Left Shoulder button – D
Right Shoulder button – C
Start – Enter
Select – Space
Menu – Escape


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