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Super Bomberman 3

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Super Bomberman 3
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Super Bomberman 3 is an Action game released for the SNES by Capcom, which was released in Europe in 1995. It's considered a classic game which is now a classic online SNES game!

After their defeat in the previous game, the Dastardly Bombers ended up on Earth in a heap of wreckage. A UFO appears and retrieves their remains. The alien, known as Professor Bagura, creator of the Dastardly Bombers, revives the villains and sends them to distant planets. Each Bomber steals and dismantles the Computer Chip on each planet and scatters the pieces across the land, powering down the Mother Computers. It is up to White Bomberman and Black Bomberman to save the planets and stop Bagura's plans of space conquest.
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Super Bomberman 3 - SNES Game

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