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Star Trek - Futures Past (The Next Generation)

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Star Trek - Futures Past (The Next Generation)
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Star Trek: The Next Generation: Future's Past is an emulated SNES game which centers around the bridge of the USS Enterprise-D. Fans of the Star Trek: Next Generation will love this SNES game. From here the player can scroll left or right to choose what they would like to do. They can access the computer which provides access to Star Trek lore - related to the game and not - or can access navigation, or provide access to the briefing room and a run down of the current situation; etc.

The Mission:
To uncover the mystery of the most powerful device in the galaxy - the Derandomizer. Long considered a mere myth, the Derandomizer returns from the past to threaten the future of the Federation. But, the Federation isn't the only …

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… one interested in it. The Romulans have crossed the Neutral Zone... and mysterious alien Chodak fleets are converging towards them.

From the Bridge, chart a course to strange new world. There, you and the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew must pass the tests set forth by the Arbitrator, the force which controls the powers of the derandomizer. Captain Picard will offer guidance, but it's your decision who to take on each Away Team mission. Will you need Worf's strength? Or Geordi's special vision?

All systems ready, Commander.

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Star Trek - Futures Past (The Next Generation) - SNES Game

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