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Mega Man X

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Mega Man X
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Mega Man Xis a futuristic side scrolling plaftorm game with familiar shooting elements and lead to many similar games being created. After six NES titles, Mega Man finally made his way to the SNES. However, this was not your typical Mega Man. The game takes place 100 years after the original series. Mega Man (now named X) faces a new breed of robots, far more advanced then anything Dr. Wily was ever able to cook up. Although the basics from the original series are still here (8 stages, 8 robot masters, defeat them and gain their powers, etc.) there are new elements such as being able to cling to walls and dash (which makes the game much more fast paced then the original series).

There are also capsules left by Dr. Light that ar …

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…e hidden in some of the stages. If Mega Man can find them, he can enhance his abilities (this is how he learns the dash, for example). There are three Mega Man X games on the SNES, and I actually like them all equally. I just choose the first Mega Man X to represent them all on my list. The fast paced shooting platformer, that is MegaMan X, is a classic SNES game that should envoke nostalgia in even the most hearty adventurer!
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Mega Man X - SNES Game

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