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Donkey Kong Country

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Donkey Kong Country
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There is a certain air of contradiction that emanates from playing Donkey Kong Country; a somewhat contrasting fusion of perfectly placed jumps and wholly unwarranted deaths. Its graphical showmanship producing a platformer of beautiful technique, but also one of ugly disabilities.

Oddly enough, to see Donkey Kong Country at its best you really have to force yourself to miss the majority of it. Speedrunning in Donkey Kong Country is a near zenith experience, reflecting the games almost unique design specification that easily allows for practically constant flow, but with the very deliberate placement of dangers that can trick you-rather than necessitating you-into acting or hesitating.

It becomes more a test of ner …

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…ve rather than skill and as you bound nervously under enemy jumps, blast methodically in time through the spinning barrel sections and bounce merrily off aligned sets of enemies you can appreciate the level of finesse and perfection that has gone into making the game work.
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Donkey Kong Country - SNES Game

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Overall rating:4.2 (based on 37 ratings)



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SNES controls


D-Pad – Arrow Keys
A button – X
B button – Z
X button – S
Y button – A
Left Shoulder button – D
Right Shoulder button – C
Start – Enter
Select – Space
Menu – Escape


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