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Donkey Kong Country 2

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Donkey Kong Country 2
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Donkey Kong has been kidnapped by the evil Kaptain K. Rool, who is demanding DK’s hard-earned banana hoard as a ransom! But there’s no way the Kongs are going to give it up that easily!

In this pirate-themed sequel to the hit Donkey Kong Country, guide Diddy or Dixie Kong through eight wild worlds of comical action across the Kremling-infested Crocodile Isle.

Discover new secrets, learn new abilities, meet new Kong family members, and take the reins of new animal buddies such as Squitter the Spider and Rattly the Rattlesnake.

Playing as Diddy and Dixie Kong you must battle your way through the varied lands ahead of you. You can switch between the two primates at any time, Diddy is a little faster b …

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…ut Dixie is the better character to play due to her slow-falling technique which comes in usual often. Together you can do a team-up attack too which adds a added bit of depth to the game.

There are about 50 levels and countless mini-games along the way. You will certainly get your value for money here. This isnt the easiest platformer on the SNES so youll have to keep your wits about you.
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Donkey Kong Country 2 - SNES Game

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SNES controls


D-Pad – Arrow Keys
A button – X
B button – Z
X button – S
Y button – A
Left Shoulder button – D
Right Shoulder button – C
Start – Enter
Select – Space
Menu – Escape


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