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Trech 2

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Trech 2
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The ultra advanced, mechanized T-Rex is back in action with more challenging missions and powerful enemy. The aim of this game is to control a huge mechanized T-Rex called TRECH and take on the different challenging missions to destroy the enemy.

Keep an eye on the bullets and rockets in your possession. You will find ammo and health packs in the game, grab them to enhance your health or ammo levels.

Keep track of enemy position and movement using the radar map at the top of the game screen. Good Luck in this tough shockwave shooting game!
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Trech 2 - Shooting Game

Games about shooting, beit with a sniper rifle or towering machine of death. The idea is simple: shoot stuff. Test your marksmanship and steady hand while playing these action packed shooting games.
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W, S, or Up and down arrows to move.
Mouse to aim.
Left click to shoot guns.
Right click to shoot rockets.
ESC to go into free mouse mode.


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