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Iron Snail

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Iron Snail
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A Terrorist group by the name of Dead Source has taken hostages and you are assigned to rescue them. This is a priority one mission so you must follow your missions briefings and kill your enemies with strategic precision.

A flash remake of Metal Gear Solid. Solid snake, Iron snail... Get it? Me either. Iron Snail is quite clearly a spoof of Metal Gear Solid. And just like it, this game is excellent.

The missions are challenging and strategic, the graphics are immense and to be plainly honest It's totally Awesome!

It should go without saying that a stealthy approach is usually best with MGS clones. You can go in all guns blazing, but it will be more difficult!

All the trademarks of metal …

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…gear solid are in here, including hiding in a box, chaff and frag grenades, missile launcher
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Iron Snail - Shooting Game

Games about shooting, beit with a sniper rifle or towering machine of death. The idea is simple: shoot stuff. Test your marksmanship and steady hand while playing these action packed shooting games.
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A and D to walk left and right.
W to jump, S to hide.
Z to restart the level.


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