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Doom triple pack

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Doom triple pack
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Doom, heretic and hexen are included in this great conversion pack from the original games.

This should bring back some good memories from the original Doom, Hexen, and Heretic games. Doom Triple pack is a direct port of the original games using Adobe Alchemy to convert the C code to actionscript.

This method yeilds fast, fluid gameplay in a realtime 3D environment which is perfect for playing shooting games online.

When compared to the other Flash Doom clones, this one runs significantly faster and includes all of the weapons, enemies and secrets of the original.

These games are as close to the original shooting games as you can get, so go nuts if you want to shoot HellSpawn.
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Doom triple pack - Shooting Game

Games about shooting, beit with a sniper rifle or towering machine of death. The idea is simple: shoot stuff. Test your marksmanship and steady hand while playing these action packed shooting games.
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W, S, A, D to walk.
Right Arrow to turn right.
Left Arrow to turn left.
R to interact with objects.
Spacebar is Shoot.
You can view and change controls in game.


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