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Dead Frontier Night Two

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Dead Frontier Night Two
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Dead Frontier Night Two is completely addicting shooting game fun. Hungry, thirsty and exhausted from the fight you fall to the floor...

After what seems like only a few moments, heavy footsteops and male voice begin to echo through the darkness. Slowly, you begin to regain consiousness.

Squinting hard, you manage to make out the silhouette of a man and young girl standing over you. Dragging you to your feet, they frantically explain that an evacuation helicopter is coming and that they intend to reach it.

Upon hearing these words a mass of adrenaline floods into your body. Its time to move...

Dead Frontier: Night Two is the second part of a series of gore-ridden zombie shoot-em-ups. B …

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…low away a horde of undead beasts while collecting ammo, health and new weapons. Can you survive the night?
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Dead Frontier Night Two - Shooting Game

Games about shooting, beit with a sniper rifle or towering machine of death. The idea is simple: shoot stuff. Test your marksmanship and steady hand while playing these action packed shooting games.
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W, S, A, D to move.
Mouse to aim and shoot.
Space to cycle weapons.
R to reload.


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