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The flash version of Contra! One of the best sellers of Konami in years 80. You control with the arrow keys, shoot with and jump with J and K.

CONTRA is a master of the figting spirit and guerrilla tactics. A.D 2631. The story begins when New Zealand reports that a meteor crashed into the nearby ocean.

2 years later, the red falconbegins the destruction of humanity. 2 of Earths marines, Bill and Lance become the CONTRA. Their mission? Stop the worlds destruction!

If you like a challenge you will love, or hate, Contra. Its a tough game and has a reputation as such!

You can customize the controls, graphics and sound before the game starts.
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Contra - Shooting Game

Games about shooting, beit with a sniper rifle or towering machine of death. The idea is simple: shoot stuff. Test your marksmanship and steady hand while playing these action packed shooting games.
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W, S, A, D to run.
J to fire.
K to Jump.


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