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Unfairy tales

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Unfairy tales
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A large RPG with much to explore and many battles to be fought. Journey through the strange world of Dream Land and fight enemies to save your friends who have been captured by the evil Geppetto.

Enter a twisted fairy tale world in this awesome epic Japanese style RPG game (JRPG)!

Young Alan is misteriously transported to the magic world of DreamLand, where the characters from the most famous fairy tales live in terror, subdued by a frightful tyrant. The kid, helped by a bunch of valiant companions, will undergo the greatest journey of all times to free the fairy people from oppression.
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Unfairy tales - RPG Game

Online RPGs, or Role Playing Games, are a great way to escape from a boring day at the office. Let lose and slay some orcs in a far off magical land, vanquish the undead in a dungeon crawl or become a gang land crime boss with a debt to clear.
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Mouse controlled.
Walk - Hold mouse button.
Menu - Arrow in bottom right.


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