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Stick RPG

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Stick RPG
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What do you do in this GTA-like world? Stick RPG is a top down role playing game with a similar style to GTA 2.

You start out with 100 bucks, but little else. How much money can you raise during the days you have?

Work out to raise your strength, and you might find yourself the winner of a bar fight.
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Stick RPG - RPG Game

Online RPGs, or Role Playing Games, are a great way to escape from a boring day at the office. Let lose and slay some orcs in a far off magical land, vanquish the undead in a dungeon crawl or become a gang land crime boss with a debt to clear.
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Arrow keys to move.
Click on people to talk to them.
Shift and Arrow keys to skateboard.
C to get in and out of your car.


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