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Mystic Circle

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Mystic Circle
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Your goal is to find the seven pieces of the broken Magic Mirror lost on the mystic island by completing various missions in eleven challenging settings.

Mystic Circle is probably the first Flash RPG I've seen that contains a full-fledged quest log, as well as the first to let you create your own items. The Quest Log is quite detailed, and does a great job of helping you keep track of what's going on. It would be a great feature if there were a greater variety of quests for it to keep track of.

Unfortunately, once you've completed your training quest, Mystic Circle doesn't even bother with the pretense of a storyline. The guy in charge of your encampment--Babicil--promptly informs you that he has no idea what you s …

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…hould do next, and from there on in, the game consists of wandering around, looking for broken pieces of the goddess's magic mirror.

Combat in Mystic Circle is straightforward, and the game's control scheme offers some variety, though overall it doesn't feel quite as polished as it should. You have the option of moving around either with the WASD keys, the arrow keys, or by clicking your destination the screen with your mouse, Diablo-style. It would be nice if the rest of the controls were better thought-out, however: you can only attack enemies by using the keyboard, and you can only interact with NPCs and objects in the environment by clicking on them with the mouse. This gets somewhat confusing, and can actually get you killed when you're trying to open a door, a chest, or just respond to an in-game prompt in the middle of combat.

Mystic Circle shows a lot of promise, and for those out there looking for a fairly full-featured action RPG to play around with, this is a good choice.
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Mystic Circle - RPG Game

Online RPGs, or Role Playing Games, are a great way to escape from a boring day at the office. Let lose and slay some orcs in a far off magical land, vanquish the undead in a dungeon crawl or become a gang land crime boss with a debt to clear.
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Movement - WASD or Arrow Keys
Jump - X, K,
Attack - Z, J,
Continued Attack - Press down Z or J without releasing,
Skilled Attack - C, L, Space to open the safebox
Use tools - 1, 2, 3,
Use skills - 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.


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