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Super Mario Brothers

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Super Mario Brothers
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Race through the Mushroom Kingdom, evade or eliminate Bowsers forces and save Princess Peach. Mario or Luigi can be hurt if either touches an enemy. If he takes a hit as regular Mario, falls down a pit (regardless of status), or the time clock runs out, he loses a life and starts again. The point where Mario continues from after losing a life depends on how far he ran through the level before dying, either from the very beginning or at an invisible.

This has to be Nintendo’s bread and butter, since 1985 super Mario has been in countless games and compilations, before Sega struck back with their blue wonder of hedgehog this game was the king.

The princess is a castle, been kept there by the evil bowser, you must s …

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…ave her. Spanning twelve worlds, through water, land and platforms you battle against bowsers force. To help you on the way you can take shortcuts by a beanstalk or pipes, also to help you on your way is power ups such as mushrooms, or stars, which make you bigger or invincible. The further you go the harder the game gets, but thankfully there are checkpoints in the game as no doubt you will need them.

At about every third level you battle against bowser himself, throwing him into the hot lava below and saving the princess in the final world.

This game no doubt has gone into history of video games, it also should be noted that this is still the best selling game of all time.
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Super Mario Brothers - NES Game

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NES controls


Arrow keys to move.
Hold Z to run and hit X to jump.


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