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Snake rattle n roll

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Snake rattle n roll
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Snake rattle n roll is similar in style to Marble Madness, but a lot better! Guide snakes Rattle and Roll through ten wacky levels on their quest to eat as many Nibbley Pibbley pellets as possible and avoid dangerous enemies such as sharks, pin cushions, anvils, and disembodied feet.

If they can survive all ten levels, theyll face on against the deadly Ice Foot in a final showdown... on the moon!

Fuck Marble Madness. When I want to play a quirky game with an isometric view and frustrating controls, Ill take Snake Rattle n Roll over Marble Madness any day of the week.

This game was really fun, but it was also fucking hard. I eventually beat it using Game Genie, and the final battle on the moon is almo …

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…st impossible without it. Seriously, in order to beat the end boss, you have to hit him like a billion times in a row.

If you miss even once, he heals completely. And if that werent bad enough, you have to dodge a steady barrage of meteorites while doing it.
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Snake rattle n roll - NES Game

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NES controls


Arrow keys to move.
Z to attack, X to jump


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