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Originally released for MAC computers in 1987, this adventure point-and-click game puts you in the role of the last of the great line of hero-kings. You try to solve, and survive, the puzzles and traps of Castle Shadowgate to defeat an evil Warlock Lord.

This game will remind you of a text RPG, or a choose your own adventure book, with the puzzles and enemies you face. Not to mention that your next move, or not reacting right, could kill you. Plus, like most games like this, paying attentiopn to graphics might just keep you alive longer.

The biggest thing I must stress is that this game is HARD!! Some rooms you may have to replay several times before you learn what youve been doing wrong. Hell, some traps, enemies, …

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… and puzzles require you to have items and use them strategically. For example, there is one room with a dragon.

Now, if I remember right, if you use the sheild you only have a few times before the dragons fire makes the sheild too hot to wield. Then if you use the sword (I think) you either die or the dragons fire makes the sword too hot and you drop it. See, its stuff like that which make this game frustrating to the player. At most, youll play this for an hour, get mad, take a break and play it again the next day. Thats what I use to do. At least you can save your game.

Regardless of difficulty, this game is worht the time and explatives. I dont know what it is but you never want to stop trying to make it deeper into the castle... unless your tired of seeing the grim reaper appear every five minutes because you keep dying.
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Shadowgate - NES Game

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Arrow keys to move cursor.
Z and X to select.
Enter is start.
F10 to view your save game code


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