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A complete reworking of an inferior arcade brawler of the same name, Rygar for the NES tells the heroic story of a man and his deadly yoyo shield. Unlike its source, the NES version is an exploration focused game with both side scrolling platforming levels connected by a top down overworld style area.

Having more in common with Metroid or The Legend of Zelda than NES era brawlers, Rygar must find equipment upgrades (a grappling hook, pulley, crossbow etc.) to aid him in reaching new areas. Rygars action adventure gameplay elements have helped it attain a sort of cult classic status.

Strangely, though epic in scale, Rygar doesnt feature a way to save or even a password system, so make sure your NES is hooked up …

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…to a good power source before embarking on your quest.
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Rygar - NES Game

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NES controls


Arrow keys to move.
Z to attack.
X to jump.
Enter is start.


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