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In a dystopic capitalist future where Detroit sucks even worse than it does today, only RoboCop has the skill and firepower necessary to stop the crime epidemic that plagues the city. If you can rid Detroit of villains such as the Clarence Boddicker and Dick Jones and neutralize the ED-209, you just might return for a sequel or two. Based on the movie by Paul Verhoeven.

I understand that RoboCop wasnt the most agile superhero, but a sidescroller with a character that cant jump leaves much to be desired. If one button punched and the other fired your gun, it might be redeemable, but you only get to use your gun when the game tells you you can use it. The breaking point for me was when I climbed a set of stairs to get an item, an …

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…d it took me a good five minutes to get back down them.
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Robocop - NES Game

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NES controls


Arrow keys to move.
Z and X to attack.


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