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Micro Machines

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Micro Machines
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Race a wide variety of the collectible Galoob toys across desktops and kitchen counters, through backyards and garages, and even in bath tubs in this highly satisfying racing game.

Each successive victory garners you a new Micro Machine for your collection. Fill your display case and win!

Micro Machines has the distinction of being the best unlicensed game produced for the NES. On top of that, it is the best racing game on the system, licensed or unlicensed. The game had fun, imaginative racing environments, a nice variety of vehicles, and good graphics for the time. And unlike so many other racing games from the NES era, Micro Machines was actually FUN. Rad Racer and Super Sprint, you can both su …

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…ck it.

The one thing that always bothered me about this game is that it has a completely unnecessary character selection screen. Why you need to actually choose which kid you want to race Micro Machines as is beyond me, but if you pick anyone other than Spider, youre an idiot.

Seriously, who the fuck else would you possibly pick Walter The Fatty? Dwayne The Cross-Eyed Retard? Joel The Homeless Kid? Chen The Asian Stereotype? I suppose if youre a girl then you could pick Cherry, but thats the only other acceptable choice.
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Micro Machines - NES Game

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NES controls


Arrow keys to steer.
X to accelerate, Z to reverse.


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