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Metal Gear

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Metal Gear
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Solid Snake has been dropped in Outer Heaven, a small country that is heavily armed , and that has become very active. Secret imformation about a walking battletank armed with nuclear weapons was acquired.

NATO had immediately sent his best agent, Grey Fox, but he had vanished without a trail. Right before his disappearance he had sent one last message: ...Metal Gear... Now NATO was forced to send its youngest agent, Solid Snake.

Solid Snake rescues Grey Fox. He tells Snake that in the heart of Outer Heaven there is a heavily guarded tank called Metal Gear,that is armed with nuclear weapons.

Now you, Solid Snake, must continue to infiltrate Outer Heaven, and find Metal Gear and destroy it.
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Metal Gear - NES Game

Play classic NES games online without any downloads! Many retro NES games have roots from which many modern games srpung, such as Super Mario Brothers, Metal Gear, Ultima, amung other console classics!
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NES controls


Arrow keys to move.
Z to attack.
X to select


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