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MegaMan 6

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MegaMan 6
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MegaMan 6 revolvs around a robot tournament in the year 21XX A.D. (those crazy Capcom time periods!). Mr. X decides to be a little baby about everything and decides that he wants to spoil the fun, and so he takes control of the robots. This is where Mega Man is called into play, again. Since Mr. X was unable to control him, he has sent the eight robots after Mega Man. Your job is to save the world. Oh, and dont think that Dr. Wily is going to let you off scotch free.

I do have a quick question, though: why does Mr. X go through the trouble of having Mega Man only fight one robot at a time? Wouldnt it make more sense to just have a 8 on 1 fight at the beginning? Thats one thing Ill NEVER understand about video games.

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…> Mega Man 6 is the most visually impressive Mega Man game to come out on NES, which is not surprising, considering it was released after the SNES came out, and most of the original Mega Mans came out in the late 80s. Regardless, the graphics are stellar. The backgrounds are varied and unique, and actually have some sort of detail to them. I especially love the aquatic city feel of Yamato Mans stage. Sadly, the enemy designs still look the same as they always have, but you cant have everything, I guess.

One area where I have to disagree with everyone is gameplay. Most people claim that the game is just like the other games in the series, and is therefore boring. Theyre right, to a certain extent. It does have the same basic setup that the others did: find the special items, beat the boss, move to next stage. Only you can choose the stages in the order you want. After beating eight stages, you have to go through the next areas before meeting the final boss.

So, yes, this is the same old, same old, in principle. Once you get past the same boring setup, however, youll discover that the game has changed for the better. In the original Mega Man, the only interaction you had with the stages was when moving platforms disappeared and reappeared, so you had to make timed jumps to get from wall to wall.

However, Mega Man 6 features far more interaction than any other game in the series. One stage will have you ride the skull of an enemy over spikes. The Flame Man stage has these fire shooting enemies, which shoot fire into oil. If you are in the oil as it gets lit up on fire, you die. You have to use moving platforms to get across the flame soaked oil, but you control when it moves and in what direction by jumping on it.

Therefore, you have to figure out how to complete the stages, due to the fact the enemies are using the stages to their advantage. This had never before been done in a Mega Man game, even Mega Man 5, which had stage interaction like varying gravity, but the enemies never used the gravity pulls to their advantage.
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MegaMan 6 - NES Game

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