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Duck tales

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Duck tales
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Travel around the world with Uncle Scrooge and recover five legendary treasures from Transylvania, the Amazon jungle, the African mines, The Himalayas, and the moon. Along the way, youll encounter old friends such as Gizmo Duck and Bubba Duck and you might even find two secret treasures if youre clever enough. Youll also square off against enemies such as the Magica De Spell, the King of the Terra-Fermies, and the mysterious Dracula Duck.

One agonizingly long year after the release of Mickey Mousecapade, Capcom was intent on proving to the world that not every game starring Disney characters had to suck. Not only did they succeed in that quest, but they also proved that wealthy, octogenarian mallards are more adventurous than …

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…you or I. We all know that the rich dont stay rich just by spending money. You need to keep making money too. Sure you could own a successful business, make sound investments, or even become a loan shark, but wheres the fun in that? For Scrooge McDuck, the best source of income is to go on an intercontinental rampage of terror. I guess you could call it a treasure hunt or something.

The game begins with Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Louie, Huey, and Dewey (who is inexplicably NOT wearing a blue shirt) in front of a 1960s computer that is apparently also the worlds largest treasure map. Desperate to recoup his losses from building this monstrosity, Scrooge must travel to five different locales in search of treasures worth untold millions... or rather, exactly one million each. While it has a level select familiar to us from Mega Man, Scrooge doesnt get any sort of special weapons, so it doesnt matter what order you play the levels in.
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Duck tales - NES Game

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NES controls


Arrow keys to move.
X to jump.
Jump then hold down and X to bounce.


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