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Deja Vu

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Deja Vu
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In Deja Vu, you take on the role of some guy in 1941 Chicago. Maybe hes a doctor. Maybe hes a lawyer. Maybe hes a retired boxer.

When you start the game, you dont know exactly who your character is, he cant remember, and the games second-person narrative sure as fuck isnt going to tell you on its own.

You awake in a bathroom stall in a darkened bar with nothing but a trenchcoat, a gun, and a wallet with no identification. As you explore the bar further, you find the owner dead in his office, the victim of a gunshot wound.

It doesnt take long for you to figure out youre being framed, and then you do the only thing that makes sense in a situation like that: you get the hell out of town and never look bac …

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Oh wait, thatd be no fun. Instead you wander the streets of Chicago and try to solve the murder and regain your memory with the help of a text-based commands. Also, you might get to punch some hookers and muggers.

Deja Vu is a great game, but I think Shadowgate is a much better.
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Deja Vu - NES Game

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Arrow keys move coursor.
Z and X select.


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