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Adventure Island 2

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Adventure Island 2
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Adventure Island II is obviously a sequel to Hudsons Adventure Island and picks up right where the last one left off. Yes, it seems that the Evil Which Doctor hasnt given up yet, and although Princess Leilani may be safe, her sister Tina isnt. Our unfriendly doctor has stolen her away and hidden himself within a chain of eight deadly islands, all full of his monstrous creations.

Playing the part of Master Higgins, a chubby little fellow in a grass skirt and baseball cap, your journey will include travel through the isles, battling the doctors creatures armed only with a hand axe. Youll occasionally be helped out by your fireball-spewing-thrashing or rock-dropping dinosaur friends.

The stages themselves are basicall …

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…y made up of jungle, underwater, snowy and desert landscapes, with a few variations. Many of the landscapes are similar from island to island, and except for enemy placements, there isnt quite as much variety as one might expect with nine to 14 possible areas on each island. At the end of each island is a boss creature that must be killed -- of course -- before you can progress to the next island.

Overall, what makes this game interesting is the gameplay -- it keeps you coming back for more. The graphics are average, as is the music, but they are good enough so that they dont really detract from the game much. Adventure Island II has enough challenge to keep even better players working for a while in their quest to defeat the doctor.
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Adventure Island 2 - NES Game

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Z to attack, X to jump.


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