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Sonic the hedgehog

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Sonic the hedgehog
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Sidescrolling action games like Sonic the hedgehog are not meant to have as complex storyline as Xenogears, for example.

They are meant to be fun and addicting, much like Mario games. However, as simplistic as the storyline is (please remember it was created in 1991!), its god enough.

You play as Sonic the hedgehog, and you have to prevent the evil Dr. Robotnik from taking over the island, its inhabitants, and the famous Chaos Emeralds. Youll chase him throughout the island until you reach his lair, Scrap Brain. Simple enough, right?

Move Sonic across the sidescrolling level, collecting rings and items, killing enemies, and avoiding traps. If you are hit by an enemy, you shall lose rings. However, if y …

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…ou drown underwater (you dont jump at an air bubble soon enough), fall into lava or a pit, get squashed or jump on spikes, you die.

You start with three lives, and you can obtain more by finding extra life items, collecting over 100 rings on a level, and scoring points. Items you can obtain include a simple shield, speed shoes, and invincibility.
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Sonic the hedgehog - Genesis Game

Play classic Sega Genesis games online, also known as Master System. Relive some of the gaming greats such as Wonder Boy, Streets of Rage, Zool, Alex Kidd, Populous, Golden Axe, Sonic, Shinobi, and more!
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Genesis controls


Arrow keys to move.
Z or X to jump.
Enter to pause.


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