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Psycho Fox

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Psycho Fox
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Are you bored of being a valiant prince who saves a lovely princess? Are you sick and tired of dungeons and mother brain?

Do you deliberately stay away from games in which you have to fight as a knight in shining armor? If youve answered yes to any of the questions above, Psycho Fox is the game for you!

Youre Psycho Fox, an extraordinary fox that goes out to save the world from the wicked Madfox Daimyojin. Hes the powerful, evil fox that sends out all sorts of bizarre creatures to conquer the world. Ever heard of Zizo Zizo or Poota? Theyre just a few of the numerous unheard-of enemies youll encounter. Watch out for those trick stairways and disappearing bridges!

The Madfox has completely changed the l …

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…andscape - just to give you a hard time! Sounds like a tough trek? Dont give up yet!

You have the power to transform into other animals to help you get through certain obstacles. Remember, youre not an average fox, youre Psycho Fox!
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Psycho Fox - Genesis Game

Play classic Sega Genesis games online, also known as Master System. Relive some of the gaming greats such as Wonder Boy, Streets of Rage, Zool, Alex Kidd, Populous, Golden Axe, Sonic, Shinobi, and more!
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Genesis controls


Arrow keys to move.
Z to attack, X to jump.


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