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Mutant league football

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Mutant league football
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"Bone crushing hits" take on new meaning as mutants from around the galaxy vie for glory in Mutant League Football for the Sega Genesis. Sixteen teams composed of humans, aliens, trolls, and skeletons battle it out on the gridiron. Watch the body parts fly as the rule book sails out the window. Plays include quarterback bombs that actually detonate, sweeps that put live TNT in the hands of the running back, and entire teams gathering on the field for some "referee bashing." Obstacles litter the playing field, including rocks, potholes, and mines.

Mutant League Football encompasses 19 different fields and four difficulty levels, as well as two-player support. And if things aren't going your way, you can always bribe the ref. Wit …

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…h bodies literally exploding all over the field, part of the challenge is keeping your team alive. Instant replays catch all the carnage up close, and feel free to hurl dynamite at the halftime marching band.

Mutant League Football, for the Genesis, is one of those games that almost makes it to the highest echelon of video games but falls just short. It has a great concept, but the graphics and game play fall just short of making it a great game. Another year or two in development would have done this game some good, but in the dog eat dog world of video games, time is never a luxury that developers have. That being said, Mutant League Football is still a really good video game.
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Mutant league football - Genesis Game

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