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Redesign and recode for 2013

The world didn't end as some lunatics predicted, so I decided to rehash the website a little. The forums have been greatly improved, many bugs have been fixed and a completely new template made from the ground up. The arcade has been reviewed and enhanced where possible and many additions and updates are planned!

I hope this will be the start of a new phase in the arcade's history as many modernisations have been implimented. Because of the massive changes made, keeping the old database just wasn't feasible. For that reason all data has been reset and games readded manually. This does mean we lost all user data as I didn't have the time or patience to manually filter the spam.

Some of the new and/or improved features include:
- Adding friends
- Ajaxified forums and comments
- Improved highscores with friend challenges
- Optimized code and UI
- Anti spam improvements
- Caching with backend granularity for peak times
- Spectrum emulator added
- SNES emulator updated

Please let us know if you find any bugs so we can fix them ASAP. Great care has been taken to ensure the website will be scalable and easy to alter in the future and several enhancements have been made to improve the speed and reliability of the arcade in general. Due to the caching used, game play counters, ratings and some other stuff won't update instantly and may take a few hours. This was a trade-off for speed and usability.

The points system has been overhauled with many changes. There is some anti-spam which should prevent abuse of the system. Points are earned for several actions as outlined below:
- Playing a game: 2
- Posting a comment: 12
- Sending a report: 15
- Submitting a highscore: 10
- Starting a forum topic: 20
- Replying to a forum topic: 10
- Rating a game: 5
- Referring a user: 50
- Challenging a friend: 20

I hope you enjoy the new changes and welcome any feedback, no matter how negative (clean please, child friendly site).

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