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Newgrounds Rumble

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Newgrounds Rumble
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Newgrounds Rumble is a fantastic flash fighting game, that amidst years in development and delays, has finally arrived to show us what a flash brawler should be.

First of all, NGR isnt a straight-up fighting game. Its more like a mix between a standard fighting game and Smash Brothers. Players have a life meter and can attack regularly, but also have free movement around the playing field. You can jump and move around on stage obstacles, as well as collect powerups. The controls dont require you to memorize any complex combos either. You can do a strong attack, a weak attack, and a block. The combos create themselves, so you can concentrate more on moving and blocking.

The powerups you find definitely add an inter …

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…esting touch to the game, as they can cause anything from giant growth, to lightning bolts, to having an extra copy of yourself fight beside you! I also have to mention the air combat system, which is balanced very nicely and lets you pull off some sweet aerial combos.

The character list is composed of famous Newgrounds faces such as Pico and P-bot, and also includes popular characters from series like Salad Fingers and Piconjo. Ten characters in all, with two of them unlockable. Each character has a fluid and varied set of animations and attacks, and is very fun to experiment with. Each character also has their own stage.
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Newgrounds Rumble - Fighting Game

Fighting games are great for releasing frustration without spending the night in jail! Kick and punch your opponent into a bloody pulp and make them beg for mercy. We have beat em up and fighting games including the classic Street Fighter and many more!
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Arrows to run, jump and duck
A to block
S to quick attack, D to fierce attack
P to pause
Keys can be custom defined.


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