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King Of Fighters

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King Of Fighters
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The best flash fighting game in the internet up to now.
Choose between 6 Characters and an additional 4 fighters to unlock

The game play is fluid and fast pached with each fighter has several combos and power moves to perform.

This game is based on The king of fighters which is a very popular arcade fighting game.
So far, it is considered as the best flash fighting game online.

King Of Fighters most of the elements of a classic street fighter styled fighting game, such as the smooth movement, the exact hit test, the powerful skills and the exciting feeling of fighting.

All these things makes this game surmounted most games of this type.

This game has great artifi …

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…cial intelligence with 5 levels of CPU difficulty. The highest level CPU is very tough and uses combos and very powerful super moves.

Soon, more characters will be added and improvements to the fighting system, including bug fixed.
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King Of Fighters - Fighting Game

Fighting games are great for releasing frustration without spending the night in jail! Kick and punch your opponent into a bloody pulp and make them beg for mercy. We have beat em up and fighting games including the classic Street Fighter and many more!
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Overall rating:4.3 (based on 1 ratings)



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Click the flashing button at the bottom to start.
W, S, A, D to move.
J, K, L, U, I, O to attack.


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