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This article aims at answering some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding our Online Arcade Games. Below is a short list of questions and answers but if you think there is an something obvious missing, please contact us.

All of our Online Arcade Games are playable from your internet browser. They do require some additional software used by the browser to render the content.

If you experience any initial problems, such as white blocks where the games should be, please check you have the software below installed:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the game?
Install the required software above (Flash, Java, and ShockWave) and enable JavaScript, if disabled.

I still can't see the game!!!
The obvious first step is to update your browser and any related software.
The most common causes of problems are both Java and Javascript, both of which need to be installed and enabled.

You can test if Java is working here -
You can test if JavaScript is working here -
If you still have problems please post on the forums with the following information...
  • Operating system
  • Your internet browser and its version
  • Your Java version (shown using the link above)
How long will each game take to load?
There is a "File size" indicator under each game and large games will show a message above with the games size. At peak times, the transfer rate may be slightly reduced.

How can I save my game?
NES games can be saved by first saving in-game then pressing F10 to get your save code.
You can enter a save game code anytime a NES game is loaded.
To save a SNES game just login, save in game, then press ESC and save in the emulator menu.
There is no way to save Master System games at the moment.

How many games can I play without registering?
There are no playing limits imposed on guests, but only members can rate and comment on games or save SNES games.

Can I download any games?
We do not currently offer a download feature. This may change at any point.

What is the legal status of the games here?
We don't host any games that have current agreements with the Entertainment Software Association.
All games are free to be distributed by the creators or abandonware from ancient consoles long past.

Do you accept link exchanges.
We only accept websites with Page Rank 3 and above and all sites must have quality, relevant content and no sitewide link exchanges! Please use our contact form for more information.

How can I support Online Arcade Games?
There is a donate button in the footer of every page.

Can I get my game removed or updated?
Of course! Please use the contact us page to report any errors, violations, account abuse or missuse. There is also a report button on each game page which can be used to flag broken, inaccurate, or copyrighted content.
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