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Shift 3

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Shift 3
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Shift 3 is a great online arcade game. Rev up and glide into this full throttle shifting sequel. A new massive Adventure mode takes you deep into the roots of the SHIFT experiment.

Now with 18 classic style levels, build your own and share with friends via handy dandy level codes.

Shift 3 extends the familiar jump and run, puzzle-platformer formula by adding a few surprises to the mix. Inside you will find an auto-saving Adventure mode, new items to find and collect (including a PDA for maps and notes!), all-new puzzle elements, as well as an assortment of achievments to earn that round out this fine update. Oh, and a secret celebrity character to play as, too. If you ask me, …

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…it sounds like we're in store for more shenanigans from Tony in this game as well.

And when finished with Adventure mode, also included are 3 player packs of levels created by various players around the Web, all hand selected by the author. And, of course, the critically acclaimed ”Shift-Ed” level editor is back and updated to Version 2.0.

Shift 3 is chock full of achievements to earn, now including an unlockable celebrity character. Put the pedal to the metal in this platform puzzle Adventure.
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Shift 3 - Action Game

Action, adventure and fast paced games to get your heart pumping. Test you reflexes, shoot some aliens or jump like a mustachioed marvel with these classic action games. This category contains a mixed collection of games from platformers to pinball games
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Overall rating:3.0 (based on 1 ratings)
online arcade game. Rev up and glide into this full throttle shifting sequel. A new massive Adventu" />



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Arrow keys left and right to run.
Up Arrow Key to Enter Door.
Space Bar to Jump.
Shift to Shift.
P to Pause.


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