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Bomb Jack

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Bomb Jack
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BombJack is a Classic Retro arcade game. Jack defuses the bombs by simply touching them. As soon as he has touched the first, he triggers a sequence in which another bombs fuse lights up, and so on. Score a bonus in each round by touching 20 or more bombs in the correctly lit-fuse sequence.

Jack may also defuse an unlit bomb by touching it, but this impedes his opportunity to score the bonus for that screen. It also delays the appearance of the games bonuses and power-ups. Includes 10 levels and rotates thereafter. Enemies such as birds, mummies, turtles, and orbs float around the screen, making Jack lose a life if he touches them.

A circle-shaped bouncing P will, when collected, render all the enemies helpless for …

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… a short period in which Jack may kill them.
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Bomb Jack - Action Game

Action, adventure and fast paced games to get your heart pumping. Test you reflexes, shoot some aliens or jump like a mustachioed marvel with these classic action games. This category contains a mixed collection of games from platformers to pinball games
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Arrow keys to move.
Space to jump.


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